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勲碧 Kunpeki

Thank you for visiting Wabisabi Japan and welcome to my first article, I would like to introduce Sake brewery Kunpeki in Aichi province.  

Kunpeki literary means clear blue sky. This name describes the ambition of brewery “the sake connected to the Mother Nature and create the beautiful sake for the country” through image of Kunpeki blue sky. 

The best part of visiting any kind of brewery is a tasting session! So let me introduce 5 different kind of their original sake selection.

純米大吟醸 無濾過原酒 (Jyunmai Daiginjyo)
特別純米原酒 桜酵母 五条川桜 無濾過原酒 (Tokubetu Jyunmai)
純米吟醸 桜酵母 「五条川桜」(Gojyogawa sakura)
純米吟醸 無濾過原酒 「夢吟香」(Yumeginga)
氷温熟成酒 純米原酒(Jyunmai genshu) の5つ

Yumeginga is a special product of Aichi and only use Aichi products from water to rice. 


This is the room call Kojimuro. Koji is rice malt and we choose different type of malts to change flavor and creates same tastes every time in Japan. 



He is the chief brewer Mr. Murase and this large boiler is where first steam rice to activate rice malts and also sanities the rice.


This machine is to press the rice to separate the sake and sake lees.


Sake lees are used to make Narazuke. Narazuke is type of vegetable pickles in sake lees.



Sake brewery Kunpeki’s retail store carries every selection of Kunpeki brewed sake in different sizes and also unique pastries such as sake lees busse and Daiginjyo roll cake. Some of Japan Air Self-Defense Force pilots bring back Kunpeki’s sake for souvenir to celebrate their safety in the air with their friends and family as Kunpeki represent clear blue sky. 

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