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文字屋 Mojiya

筆文字の "ぬくもり" を活かしたデザインを造り出す、文字屋中島一也さん

Calligraphic paint designer “Mojiya” Mr. Nakajima



Mr. Nakajima originally owned a restaurant and he asked one of the famous calligraphers to create signboard for his restaurant.
He was shocked to see how calligrapher painted his signboard. He used thin brush and stroke few times to create thick writing. He learned that you could always think outside the box and take calligraphy as an art form. He realized that calligraphy doesn’t always have to keep its traditional or original way and you can take them as paint.         


Mr. Nakajima started to display his calligraphic paintings at his store. All of them had strong message that he wants to send out to his customers to give encouragement and ambition. 


He sees words as a shape and he paint words more than he write words. When you see words as a shape, you will be able to create unique paintings. He can adds soul and texture to his painting by using writing brush.

自分の言葉を発信し続けるうちに、過去の偉人の言葉は、勇気づけられたり、前向きになれたりと、皆に共感できるものだと思った 。視野転換に繋がればいいなと思い、それを発信している。

After sending out his original message for decay, he started to select famous quotes from the past. These great quotes have some lessons that can apply to everyone and he hope that these messages can bring in new point of view to your daily life.   

"I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious."
                                                                  - Albert Einstein
親子・家族の絆をより深めるために考案されたプロジェクト 「命名額」

Name is your first and lifetime gift from your family.
“Naming Frame” is the project to create strong family bonding


This project started from the idea of Mr. Nakajima wanted to capture the happiest moment to celebrate and welcoming newborn baby to the family.  


One day he received a picture from the family. It was one of his repeat customers of “Naming Frame”. Parents come back to him every time they have new baby and it was a family picture with his frame. He was so moved how they grew up and he can feel strong family bonding and love through picture.  


From these experiences, he realized it is important to meet his customers face to face. He will be able to make better connection and built relationship in this way. His new challenge is to go out to local free markets or join events to perform his art in front of them. He believes that he can pass on stronger message and create better paintings looking through their eyes.

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