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武道家 Martial Artist

崇真舘(すうしんかん)武導道場 舘主の藪内さん

I would like to introduce a martial artist and master of Sushinkan dojo Mr. Yabuuchi.



Mr. Yabuuchi was a big fan of Jackie Chan’s action movies and always wanted to learn martial arts. However he got into a bike accident when he was a child and his parents against him to learn martial arts for his safety. However he started to learn Aikido at age of twenty and it was also influenced by action movie.


One day he was watching Steven Seagal’s movie and he learned that Aikido was a Japanese martial art and Steven Seagal practiced Aikido for 10 years in Osaka before he become action movie star. He was so moved by Steven Seagal’s passion towards martial arts and to show real action in the movie. Great teacher and a founder of the Japanese martial art of aikido Morihei Ueshiba started his career as martial artist at age of twenty and he realized it is not too late to master martial arts. He entered his career as a martial artist. 

薮内さんが舘主を務める崇真舘 武導道場は、「武道を通して日本の心を伝え、文化や歴史に誇りを持てる人を育てる場」でありたいと考えており、「古き良きものを残しつつ、新しい時代につなげ、 武道を紡ぎ、導いて育てたい」という思いから、“武道”を“武導”と表記しいる。

Mr. Yabuuchi teaches mentality, the heart of Japanese mind and its culture and history at his Sushinkan dojo. Martial arts are called 武道 in Japanese but he calls it 武導 instead. First one means “way of warrior” where second one means, “leading to be a warrior”. He does not believe that old system can last forever, so it is important to pass on the good traditions and create new systems as time goes on and be flexible. He wants to pass on the mentality of martial arts and leading the warriors to new generations.


Many of people start learning martial arts because they want to be stronger or they think fighting tricks are cool. It is fine to start that way, but Mr. Yabuuchi wants people to learn along the way that mentality is the most important elements in martial arts. When he teaches children he teaches strong mentality and also kind and gentle mentality. When children become stronger with martial arts it become their confidence. When children have confidence, they become nicer to other children. With this cycle he believes that martial arts can bring peace to the society, to the world.


Martial arts originally created to fight or harm other opponent. On the other hand medical arts are to heal people. Just like this world is created with many yin and yang, it is important to learn opposite concepts or forces are interconnected and take balance of learning both concepts.


In near future he would like to host a cultural festival to revitalize local community in Nagoya. Also he wants to make action movies to introduce aikido among different generations and these audiences to be interested in martial arts.  

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